About Us

We meaning Colleen and I decided to embark on this adventure in the Fall of 2017.  Daylight saving time had come about which means getting darker earlier in the evening.  It’s beginning to get colder dropping sometime into the low to mid-30’s at night.  Colleen had come home from work and mention she had thought about the 15 year dream of owning a B&B.  As she looked in the fire place that I already had lit she said “I want you to look into this and see if it’s possible”.  Now anyone who knows me can say I do nothing unless it’s 110%, so I ran with it.

After a few weeks of pouring over accounts and finance etc. I approached her and said “I see no reason that we can’t do this”.  With those words I contacted an Inn Broker in New England.  We had a meeting on New Years Day 2018 at The Mount Airy Inn for lunch.  We gave all our information eat lunch shock hands and left.  We heard nothing for almost 2 months I have to say, I was on pins and needles.  Then in late February we received a call from the broker saying what I had already assumed “your good let’s look at Inn’s”.  After a few excited expletives and “are we really doing this”, we where on our way.  We looked north New Hampshire, Connecticut Massachusetts but nothing really gadded us.  Then one late March afternoon I was out back and a northern wind picked and the temperature dropped to 14 degrees in a matter of hours.  This made my mind up we were looking in the wrong direction.

In Mid-may Colleen and I were driving to Boston to watch the Orioles play at Fenway Park, they lost by the way.  She was scrolling through innshopper.com and The Hibiscus House came across her feed.  We have vacationed in Sanibel and Captiva for many years so we were kind of familiar with this area of Lee County.  It just so happened that My folks were vacationing in Sanibel at this time as well.  We made a call, “Hey Ma, I know you Dad and Olivia are on vacation but can Colleen and I crash there for a night or two to check out this Inn.”  By the way Olivia is our daughter.  My folks wanted to have her go on vacation with them with out us, see how well that worked out.

So, Sunday May 20th we watched our Orioles loss to the Red Sox.  Then the next morning drove back to Baltimore, hoped a plane to Fort Myers.  Once we landed our phone went off, It was our realtor “ are you landed, are you coming now this is so exciting”, needless to say we raced to meet up with our realtor and toured the grounds.  We instantly falling in love with the area and the Bed and Breakfast.

3 month later we quit our jobs and now are ready to take our careers in a very new direction.  We want create a home away from home atmosphere that where guests can relax, recharge themselves and take in all that Southwest Florida and Fort Myers City have to offer. Our location is within walking distance of The River District of Downtown Fort Myers. With all its restaurants, wine bars, shops, attractions and events.  Not to mention the rich history that dates back hundreds of years beautiful gardens and classic homes.  The Hibiscus House is also conveniently located to Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel/Captiva, Matlachey, Pine Island and much more.

We hope to see you soon!

The Hibiscus House - Bed & Breakfast